Collaborative Law: an alternative in Alaska to litigating your divorce, child custody and/or legal separation. Collaborative Law is an interest-based, team approach. 

You can collaborate.

Ryan Roley and a member of a collaborative team working on a solution that benefits the entire family.  The Collaborative Law approach might be the right choice for your family. To learn more, contact Ryan Roley.

It's never easy. And over half of us who are married will go through it in our lives. Collaborative Law allows a couple to not surrender control of their lives and the future of their children to a judge. If you are considering divorce, custody or legal separation, please learn more from the blog link above, go to,  and watch this video from Good Morning America.  Learn how Collaborative Law might be the right approach for you and your family.   If collaborative law does not serve your needs, contact Ryan to explore other possible tools, including "unbundled services" (also referred to as "discreet legal services" and  "limited scope legal services").

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